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30 Best Swimming Pool Games For Adults: Perfect For Outdoor Or Indoor Games, Team Building And Small Groups
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Planning on a poolside get together?

Whether you’re going for a sun-soaked outdoor gathering or a lively indoor pool party, our curated list of the 30 best swimming pool games for adults is your ultimate guide.

These games are perfect for injecting fun and excitement into your aquatic festivities. They also cater to different interests – from the adrenaline-fueled to the laid-back, from team-building exercises to games suitable for small groups.

Our selection includes classic favourites and innovative new ideas, ensuring every guest can dive into the fun, regardless of their swimming prowess.

So, if you’re gearing up for your next pool party or simply seeking enjoyable ways to enhance your pool time, check out our list and discover games that promise unforgettable fun for all.

Sporty Pool Games 

1. Water Polo

Water polo, a classic team sport, is perfect for adding excitement to pool parties. The game starts with two teams on opposite sides of the pool. A water polo ball is thrown into the centre, and players swim to gain possession.

The goal is to score in the opposing team’s net at the end of the pool. Players must tread water or swim while passing the ball and trying to score, making this game a thrilling and physically demanding choice for your next pool party.

What You’ll Need: A water polo ball, goals at each end of the pool, and ideally, caps or bands for team identification.


2. Swimmer Racing

Swimmer racing is highly competitive and one of the best swimming pool games for adults, perfect for those who enjoy a good race. Participants line up in lanes, which pool noodles or other floating devices can mark.

At the start signal, each swimmer races to the end of their lane and back as fast as possible. The first to touch the starting point wins the race.

This game is exciting and a fantastic way to promote fitness, as it challenges swimmers to push their limits in a friendly, competitive setting.

What You’ll Need: Pool noodles or floating markers for lane division and a stopwatch for timing races if desired.


3. Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is an absolute favourite and one of the best swimming pool games for adults, blending the excitement of volleyball with the fun of being in the water. Two teams are formed on either side of a net stretched across the pool.

Players aim to score points by volleying a ball over the net, trying to land it in the opposing team’s area, all while standing in chest-deep water. This game requires teamwork, coordination, and some strategy, making it perfect for group play and social gatherings at the pool.

What You’ll Need: A volleyball net set up across the pool, a water-friendly volleyball, and defined team areas on each side of the net.


4. Pool Basketball

Pool basketball is an absolute must-try for sports enthusiasts and ranks high among the best swimming pool games for adults. The game involves a poolside basketball hoop and a water-resistant ball. Players form teams and take turns trying to score by shooting the ball into the basketball hoop.

Each successful basket scores a point for the shooter’s team. This game requires a blend of swimming skills and basketball technique, making it an exciting challenge for players who enjoy a mix of sports and water fun.

What You’ll Need: A pool basketball hoop (either floating or mounted on the side) and a water-resistant basketball.


5. Pool Noodle Joust

Pool noodle joust is a playful and competitive game, ranking as one of the best swimming pool games for adults. Each player mounts a float armed with a pool noodle. The objective is to knock the opponent off their float using the noodle.

This game requires balance, strategy, and a sense of humour as players joust in a friendly battle of wits and agility. It’s an ideal game for those who enjoy competition and laughter in the water.

What You’ll Need: A pool noodle for each player and some floatation device for them to sit or stand on.


6. Synchronised Swim Challenge

The synchronised swim challenge is a fantastic game for adults who enjoy teamwork and a bit of theatrics. Participants form small teams and choreograph a short synchronised swimming routine to perform in front of the group.

The routines can be judged on creativity, synchronisation, and overall entertainment value. This game encourages teamwork and creativity and provides an excellent opportunity for lighthearted competition.

What You’ll Need: A music player for the routine’s background music, if desired, and a judging panel or a way to score the performances.

Pool Versions Of Traditional Games

7. Marco Polo

Marco Polo, a classic and much-loved swimming pool game for adults, combines elements of tag and hide-and-seek. One player, “Marco,” navigates the pool with their eyes closed, calling out “Marco” while the others must respond with “Polo.”

The objective for “Marco” is to tag another player, relying solely on sound cues. Once tagged, that player becomes the new “Marco.”

This game requires no equipment and is excellent for encouraging active play and honing listening skills in a fun, aquatic environment.

What You’ll Need: No special equipment is needed, just a safe swimming area with clear boundaries.


8. Tug Of War

Tug of war in the pool is a refreshing twist on the classic game and a hit among swimming pool games for adults. Teams line up on opposite sides of the pool, each grabbing one end of a long, sturdy rope.

On the count of three, both teams pull with all their might, attempting to drag the opposing team into the water.

This game combines physical strength with team strategy and builds camaraderie. It’s also a great workout, engaging multiple muscle groups as players strive for victory.

What You’ll Need: A long, sturdy rope and a clear, designated middle line in the pool.


9. Chicken Fighting

Chicken fighting in the pool is an exhilarating and playful game popular among adults. It involves two teams, each with two players.

One player sits on the shoulders of their teammate, and the objective is to knock the opposing team’s “rider” into the water without falling in themselves.

This game tests balance, strength, and strategy, requiring teamwork and a sense of humour. However, it should be played responsibly and safely to prevent accidents, making it ideal for a lively and carefree pool day.

What You’ll Need: Just a spacious area in the pool, ensuring it’s deep enough for safety.


10. Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can is a playful and energetic swimming pool game for adults, ideal for those looking to improve their swimming skills. One player becomes “it” and swims around the pool while the others wait on the sidelines.

At the signal, they dive in and attempt to tag the “it” player. Whoever succeeds in catching them becomes the next “it.” This game is a fantastic way to encourage swimming and provides a lot of laughs as players dodge and weave through the water in an exciting game of aquatic tag.

What You’ll Need: No special equipment, just a spacious pool for swimming and dodging.


11. Sharks And Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is an exhilarating swimming pool game, perfect for adults looking for thrilling aquatic fun. This game is ideally played in larger outdoor pools, where there’s ample space for the Sharks and Minnows to move.

One player starts as the “Shark,” positioned in the middle of the pool, while the rest are “Minnows,” lined up at one end.

The goal for the Minnows is to swim across the pool without being tagged by the Shark. Once tagged, they join the Shark’s team. The game continues until all Minnows are caught.

This game tests agility and speed, making it a lively and engaging choice for poolside entertainment.

What You’ll Need: No specific equipment, but a large pool area is preferable for free movement.


12. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt in the pool adds an exciting twist to the classic game, making it a favourite among adults. Small waterproof items like coins, dive rings, or even themed trinkets are hidden throughout the pool.

Participants dive in and hunt for these “treasures,” collecting as many as possible within a set time limit. This game challenges players’ diving skills and observational abilities, creating a fun and adventurous atmosphere at any pool gathering.

What You’ll Need: Waterproof items (coins, rings, small toys) to hide and a clear area in the pool for the hunt.


13. Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a fantastic game that can be adapted for poolside fun and is suitable for adults seeking a more relaxed yet engaging activity. A floating ping pong or table tennis set can allow players to enjoy the game while staying cool in the pool.

This game tests hand-eye coordination and reflexes, offering a blend of competitive play and casual enjoyment, perfect for those who enjoy a mix of sports and leisure.

What You’ll Need: A floating ping pong table (if available), paddles, and ping pong balls.

14. Freeze Tag

Freeze tag in the pool is a playful and active game, ideal for pool parties. One player is designated as “it” and must try to tag the other players.

When a player is tagged, they must freeze in their spot and cannot move until another player, who hasn’t been tagged, “unfreezes” them by swimming through their legs. The game continues until all players are frozen or the “it” player is tired, making it a fun and engaging game for small and large groups.

What You’ll Need: No equipment is needed, just a safe area in the pool for movement and tagging.


15. Hula Hoop Relay

In the hula hoop relay, a favourite swimming pool game, players form teams, and each team member must swim through a series of hula hoops placed in the pool. The challenge is to avoid touching the hoops while swimming through them.

Once a player completes their turn, they tag the next team member. This game combines swimming skills with the playful challenge of moving through hoops, making it fun for all ages. It encourages teamwork and provides a lot of laughs.

What You Need: Several hula hoops and space in the pool to set them up in a line.


16. Inflatable Bull Rodeo Game

This fun game involves an inflatable bull in the centre of the pool. Participants take turns sitting on the bull while others shake the inflatables edges to knock the rider off.

It’s a laugh-out-loud game that tests balance and provides entertainment for participants and spectators, perfect for playing pool games at your next gathering.

What You Need: An inflatable bull rodeo set and a pool large enough to accommodate it.


17. Pool Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course in the pool is an adventurous way to enjoy water activities. Adults can design a course using floating mats, hula hoops, pool noodles, and dive sticks.

Participants navigate the course by swimming under, over, and around the obstacles, racing against time or each other. This game is fun and a great exercise, combining swimming skills with physical coordination and problem-solving abilities.

What You’ll Need: Various floating objects like mats, hoops, and noodles to create obstacles.


18. Beer Pong

Beer pong, a classic pool party game, involves two teams throwing a ping pong ball across a table, trying to land it in the opposing team’s cups of water (or beer, for adults).

When a ball lands in a cup, that cup is removed. The first team to hit all the opponent’s cups wins. This game is a favourite at pool parties because it’s easy to play and generates excitement and friendly competition.

While Beer Pong is a fun game, it’s important to be mindful of alcohol consumption, especially in a pool environment. Ensure that all players are safe and that there’s no risk of overconsumption leading to unsafe situations in the water.

What You Need: A long or inflatable table, ping pong balls, plastic cups, and water or beer.


19. Pool Poker

Pool poker combines the excitement of poker with the relaxing environment of a pool. Players, ideally in small groups, float on pool loungers with waterproof playing cards. The game follows traditional poker rules, with players betting, folding, and bluffing.

The relaxed pace and strategic gameplay make Pool Poker a standout among poolside party games, offering a unique way to enjoy card games while staying cool in the water.

What You’ll Need: Waterproof playing cards, floating loungers or chairs, and poker chips or scorecards.

Fun And Funny Games

20. Belly Flop Contest

In this hilarious contest, participants take turns doing a belly flop into the pool from a diving board or poolside. Judges or fellow players rate each flop based on splash size and style. Belly flop contests are a staple fun game at pool parties, providing lots of laughter and cheering from the spectators.

What You Need: A pool with a diving board or safe jumping area, and judges or a way to score the flops.


21. Duck Push

Duck push is a light-hearted game that gets everyone laughing, making it a great icebreaker at pool parties. To play the game, players use their noses to push a rubber duck across the pool to a finish line. Players cannot use their hands, making it a hilarious swimming pool game for adults.

What You Need: One rubber duck for each participant and a designated start and finish line in the pool.


22. Cannonball Contest

A cannonball contest is a fun and straightforward game for pool parties. Participants take turns jumping into the pool from the diving board or poolside, aiming to create the biggest splash with their cannonball jump.

Judges or fellow players can rate each jump based on the size of the splash. This game is about fun and spectacle, encouraging participants to let loose and lightheartedly enjoy the spirit of competition.

What You’ll Need: A diving board, a designated jumping area, and a panel of judges or scoring method.


23. Floatie Relay Race

This game adds a twist to the classic relay race by incorporating floatation devices. Participants are divided into teams, and each team member must navigate the pool using a floatie, such as a pool noodle or inflatable ring.

The challenge is to get from one end of the pool to the other and back, then pass the floatie to the next teammate. The first team to have all members complete the course wins.

It’s a perfect blend of strategy, balance, and a bit of paddling skill, offering a fun and slightly competitive edge to pool activities.

What You’ll Need: A floatation device for each team (pool noodles, inflatable rings, etc.) and a designated course in the pool with a clear start and finish line.


24. Wet Shirt Relay Race

The wet shirt relay race is a hilarious and engaging swimming pool game for adults. Teams compete in a relay where the first player must don a soaking wet shirt, swim to the other side of the pool, and then transfer the shirt to the next teammate.

The challenge lies in quickly putting on and removing the wet shirt, which can be tricky and amusing. This game is a test of speed and agility and provides plenty of laughs, making it a hit at any pool party.

What You’ll Need: Oversized shirts for each team (one per team) and a designated area to swim to and from.


25. Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games bring an extra splash of excitement to any pool party. Adults can enjoy different games like water balloon toss, where partners throw a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back with each successful catch.

Another option is a water balloon relay, where teams race to transport balloons without bursting them. These games are a great way to cool off and encourage teamwork, coordination and laughter, making them a hit on hot summer days.

What You’ll Need: Water balloons (filled), possibly a bucket for each team to store their balloons.

26. Beach Ball Race

In a Beach Ball Race, a fun and dynamic game for your next pool party, each participant is given a beach ball. The objective is to move the ball across the pool to a designated finish line, using only their breath or hands.

Players can’t hold the ball but must push or blow it across the water. This game is a test of skill and strategy, as players navigate their beach balls through the water while racing against their opponents, making it a lively addition to pool party games.

What You’ll Need: A beach ball for each participant and marked start and finish lines.


27. Water Cup Pass

Water cup pass is an engaging game and a top pick among the best swimming pool games for adults. Players form a circle in the pool, and the game begins with passing a cup filled with water over their heads to the next player.

The challenge is to do this without spilling water or breaking the circle formation. You’re out of the game if you drop the cup or disrupt the circle. This game tests coordination and balance and is perfect for players of all skill levels, adding fun to any pool gathering.

What You’ll Need: One plastic cup per player and a spacious area in the pool to form a circle.


28. Poolside Party Games

Poolside party games are a collection of activities perfect for those who prefer to stay dry while enjoying the fun of a pool party. These games range from card games like Uno to board games or physical activities like hula hoop contests or limbo.

Set up a designated area near the pool where players can gather, choose their game, and engage in friendly competition or collaborative fun. This makes these games a versatile and inclusive option for everyone at your next pool party.

What You’ll Need: Various games like cards, board games, hula hoops, a limbo stick, and a comfortable area near the pool.


29. Watermelon Ball

Watermelon ball is a unique and fun game where players coat a watermelon with petroleum jelly and toss it in the pool. Teams compete to retrieve the slippery watermelon and bring it to their side of the pool.

This is a favourite swimming pool game due to its challenging and humorous nature, as players struggle to grip the slippery watermelon.

What You Need: A watermelon, petroleum jelly, and space in the pool for teams to play.


30. Atomic Whirlpool

All participants in this favourite swimming pool game start walking around the edge of the pool in the same direction.

Gradually, they start running to create a whirlpool effect, with the water moving swiftly in a circular motion. It’s a unique experience as players feel the force of the water, making it a popular and fun game at pool parties.

What You Need: A circular or oval-shaped pool that allows for the creation of a whirlpool.


Conclusion About The Best Swimming Games For Adults

Wrapping up, remember that having fun is what pool games are all about. Our list of 30 top swimming pool games for adults offers various choices to ensure everyone has a great time, whether it’s a chill day by the pool or an exciting pool party.

But, while you’re having a blast with these games, don’t forget about staying safe in the water. Ensuring everyone playing is comfortable in the pool and knows about staying safe while swimming is vital.

Are you thinking of making your pool time even more fun? SG Condo Swimming Lessons is here to help. We offer private swimming lessons in Singapore. Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve, our skilled instructors will work with you to improve your swimming game.

So, for a safer and more enjoyable time in the pool, why not book a lesson with SG Condo Swimming Lessons? With your new swimming skills, prepare to impress your friends at your next pool party!


Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Swimming Games For Adults

What Should I Look For In A Swimming Lesson Program If I’m Interested In Playing Pool Games?

When looking for a swimming lesson program, especially for those interested in playing pool games, consider instructors who focus on swimming techniques and water safety. Look for programs that offer personalised lessons tailored to your skill level and goals.

Are There Specific Swimming Strokes Or Skills I Should Learn To Improve At Swimming Pool Games?

To excel in your favourite swimming pool game, focus on learning a variety of swimming strokes like freestyle, breaststroke and treading water. These skills improve your mobility and endurance in the water.

Additionally, practising quick turns and underwater swimming can be advantageous for games that require agility and speed, such as Marco Polo or Treasure Hunt.

Is It Possible To Book A Swimming Lesson Focused On Preparing For Adult Pool Games?

Yes, it’s possible to book swimming lessons that focus specifically on preparing for adult pool games. When booking a lesson, mention that your goal is to enhance your skills for pool games.

Instructors can then tailor the lessons to focus on agility, speed and specific game strategies, providing a more targeted and relevant learning experience.

How Can I Ensure Safety During A Pool Party Or While Playing Swimming Pool Games?

If you want to play pool games, always have a lifeguard or a responsible adult supervising. Ensure all participants are comfortable with their swimming abilities and aware of the pool’s depth and boundaries.

It’s also essential to avoid alcohol consumption in physically demanding games and follow all pool safety rules.

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