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Discover the convenience of booking condo swimming lessons with SG Condo Swimming Lessons, where we connect you with experienced and certified swimming instructors.

Our professional coaches are ready to conduct private swimming lessons at your condo in Singapore, catering to both one-on-one and group swimming classes. Book a class today!

Condo Swimming Lessons Conducted At Your Condo’s Swimming Pool

Ready to begin your first private swimming lesson with us? Whether it's for you or your kids, our swimming lessons are designed to help everyone learn a crucial life skill, all while ensuring safety in the water.

Our swim coaches can conduct swimming lessons at a condominium pool or private swimming pool, offering unparalleled convenience and a hassle-free experience.

So, how about giving our condo swimming lessons in Singapore a try? As soon as you let us know you're interested, we'll pair you up with one of our experienced coaches to get you started on your swim journey.

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Embarking on the journey of learning to swim can start at a young age, providing children with a valuable foundation in this crucial life skill. By channelling their boundless energy into mastering water survival and swimming techniques, we set them on a path of aquatic confidence and safety. 

SG Condo Swimming Lessons offers a diverse selection of programs, catering to children at every skill level—from beginners in our 'Learn to Swim' program to more seasoned young swimmers ready to tackle distance swimming.

Not only is a strong swimming ability beneficial for your own safety, but it aids in your general fitness performance as well.

As teenagers, hanging out at the beach or the pool with friends becomes more frequent as you age! This is especially true for teen boys. Learning to swim is also crucial for your preparation for National Service. 

However, exploring these places can be risky if you attempt to swim to impress your mates but lack the necessary skills. Fret not; through our condo swimming lessons in Singapore, our friendly condo swimming coaches will do their best to ensure you can swim safely and confidently in any aquatic setting.

There is no age limit when it comes to learning how to swim! 

Our condo swimming lessons are ideal for busy adults looking to pick up a healthy sport they can continue for a lifetime without needing to commute long distances. With interactive lessons at your private swimming pool, you can depend on our certified condo swimming coaches to solidify your swimming skills. This newfound confidence can even open doors to exciting aquatic adventures such as scuba diving!

Condo Swimming Lessons SG

Get To Know Your Swimming Instructors

With our founders being Instructor trainers in swimming, aquatic safety is our priority. All swim teachers onboard our platform are verified by SG Condo Swimming Lessons to have obtained the necessary teaching certifications and experiences before matching them to suitable classes or students.

Why Choose Our Condo Swmming Lessons In Singapore

Convenience of
Your Home

Discover the ease of having private swimming lessons for both children and adults right at your own condominium or private pool, conducted by a carefully matched professional private coach.

& Fun

Engage in a dynamic learning experience with our swimming lessons, meticulously crafted to be both enjoyable, interactive and educational, ensuring step-by-step progression under the guidance of our dedicated swim teachers.

Swimming Instructors

With a strong emphasis on water safety knowledge, we ensure all our swim instructors are certified & registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) or with a recognised international swimming instructor certification. You can trust in our coaches’ expertise to guide you through each lesson, ensuring a safe learning environment

Lesson Plan

Determine your child's or your own progression through an assessment & evaluation by your swim coach on your or your kids’ first private swimming lesson

Individual & Group

Depending on your needs, we provide a one-to-one or group class in a private setting. Click here for more details.

Our Testimonials

Our girl has been learning with Coach Alvin, followed by Coach Clarissa for awhile now. They are really patient, passionate and professional when it comes to teaching the kids. Coach Alvin is firm with the kids yet also knows how to make the lessons enjoyable for them. Coach Clarissa also gives regular updates regarding my girl’s progress and in what way she can further improve. I am very glad to have enrolled my girl with a reliable and trustable swim school. Thanks!

Joanne Ng

My son has been learning with them for about a year at our condo pool. Coach Nigel is very patient and good with kids. Initially, my boy was really afraid of water and hesitant to go in. However, after the 1st lesson, he was so comfortable in the water and kept pestering me to bring him down to the pool after. I appreciate the effort put in by the coach and the school to update the parents after class as well.

Highly recommended!

Hui.T Ng

My 2 girls look forward to their weekly swim lessons a lot - I think that in itself is a great testament to the coaches ability to engage the kids. As a parent, I like the convenience of having lessons at my condo's pool. Fees for group classes is also affordable.

Lynette Soh

The location is super convenient! Admin staff and coach are polite and friendly. Very structured and fun teaching structure from what I observed every lesson. This is also reflected on my girl’s attitude towards the lessons as she is so excited and happy for the classes! No regrets for choosing this swim school 👍 5 stars.

Leona Cheong

Let your kids learn how to swim with our certified, passionate, and experienced swim teachers today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Condo Swimming Lessons In Singapore

For detailed information on the costs per student, please visit our swimming lesson rates page. You'll find all the necessary details to help you make an informed decision.

Our swim instructors are flexible and available from 7 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday, ensuring you can find a convenient time for your swimming lessons. 

Our private lessons for toddlers are designed to meet your unique needs. We offer one-on-one sessions, as well as one-to-two and one-to-three classes. Additionally, we have small group classes for toddlers, accommodating 4 to 6 individuals.

Yes, our coaches can travel to any location within Singapore to conduct the swimming lessons. We bring swimming lessons to the following areas: 

Can’t find your location? We can teach swimming ANYWHERE. Enquire here.

To book your private swimming class, simply fill out the form below. We'll get back to you promptly to confirm the details.

In our swimming lessons, you can learn various swimming strokes, from the basic front crawl and breaststroke for beginners to more advanced strokes like the backstroke and butterfly for seasoned swimmers. Our experienced coaches tailor the lessons to your skill level, ensuring a personalised learning experience. 

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