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Book A Trial Swimming Lesson In Senja-Cashew (For Kids And Adults)

Are you ready to take the plunge? At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we understand the importance of that first dip in the pool. That's why we offer trial swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew for both kids and adults.

It's the perfect opportunity to experience the magic of the water in a safe and supportive environment. Our expert instructors will guide you or your child every step of the way, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

Find The Best Swimming Instructor In Senja-Cashew

Excellence starts with the right guidance. We are proud to introduce you to highly experienced swim coaches in Senja-Cashew who provide the best training possible. From mastering the basics to advanced techniques, you'll be in capable hands every stroke of the way.

Our coaches can cater to your swimming needs, conducting lessons at your most convenient time and helping you achieve your swimming goals.

Experience the difference of learning from the best. Your perfect 'SWIM-NECTION' is waiting – let's make it happen.

Types Of Swimming Lessons We Offer In Senja-Cashew

Swimming Lessons For Kids/Children In Senja-Cashew

Introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of swimming. Our kids' swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew are designed to make learning fun, build confidence, and instil important water safety skills.

With a focus on age-appropriate techniques and activities, your child will grow into a strong and confident swimmer while making friends and cherished memories.

Swimming Lessons For Adults In Senja-Cashew

Discover the excitement of our adult swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew, where you'll quickly realise that age is no barrier to acquiring and perfecting your swimming skills!

Tailored to individuals of all skill levels, our lessons cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. Let our patient and experienced instructors help you conquer your fears and acquire the skills to enjoy the water safely and confidently.

Swimming Lessons For Females In Senja-Cashew

We understand our female clientele's unique needs and preferences. Led by expert female instructors, our female swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew offer a comfortable and fun environment for girls and women of all skill levels to learn and grow as swimmers.

Join a community of like-minded women who share your passion for swimming. Make new friends, motivate each other, and enjoy the camaraderie of our class.

Swimming Lesson Venues In Senja-Cashew

Senja-Cashew Swimming Complex

Our instructors may conduct swimming lessons at Senja-Cashew Swimming Complex, a well-equipped facility for swimmers of all levels. We offer group and private lessons here at your most convenient time.

Address: 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore 670534

Contact: +65 6219 4561

Operating Hours:

  • Monday, Friday, Sunday: 8:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 6:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday: CLOSED

Private Swimming Pools And Condos

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we offer the ultimate convenience and luxury of private swimming lessons conducted in the serene surroundings of condos and private pools.

With the one-on-one guidance of our skilled swim coaches, you'll see rapid improvement in your swimming abilities. Private lessons can help you achieve your goals faster and with greater precision.

Getting started is easy. Contact us to schedule a lesson, and our coaches will come to your place. We will work with you to create a personalised lesson plan that aligns with your goals, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable learning experience.

Our Swimming Lesson Rates In Senja-Cashew


Class Size

Price Per Student

Cost Per Lesson

No. Of Lessons

Duration Per Session

1 to 1



4 Lessons

45 mins (30 mins for < 3 years old)

1 to 2



1 to 3



Group of 4 to 6




We Find The Perfect Coach For You

Finding the ideal swim coach is crucial for your swimming journey. At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we take pride in matching you with NROC-certified swimming coaches who are highly skilled and passionate about teaching. Our personalised approach ensures that your coach aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations, making your learning experience effective and enjoyable.

Water Safety Is A Priority

Safety always comes first in the water. We are committed to making sure that your swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew are conducted in a secure and supervised environment. Our instructors prioritise water safety, imparting essential knowledge and skills that will keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying the water.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that your schedule can be hectic. If you are looking for a swim class that fits your schedule, we’ve got the solution for you! Sign up for private swimming lessons! Our coaches offer flexibility, allowing you to choose lesson times that suit your busy lifestyle. Learn to swim at your own pace, on your terms.

Why Choose SG Condo Swimming Lessons In Senja-Cashew

Make A Splash With Certified Swim Instructors In Senja-Cashew

Our swim coaches in Sanja Cashew possess extensive knowledge of swimming techniques, styles, and training methods. They have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to excel in the water. Beyond the mechanics of swimming, our instructors instil a passion for the sport.

We invite you to experience the transformative power of learning from these dedicated professionals at SG Condo Swimming Lessons. Dive in with us today, and let's embark on a swimming adventure like no other!

See What Our Past Students Have To Say

Our girl has been learning with Coach Alvin, followed by Coach Clarissa for awhile now. They are really patient, passionate and professional when it comes to teaching the kids. Coach Alvin is firm with the kids yet also knows how to make the lessons enjoyable for them. Coach Clarissa also gives regular updates regarding my girl’s progress and in what way she can further improve. I am very glad to have enrolled my girl with a reliable and trustable swim school. Thanks!

Joanne Ng

My son has been learning with them for about a year at our condo pool. Coach Nigel is very patient and good with kids. Initially, my boy was really afraid of water and hesitant to go in. However, after the 1st lesson, he was so comfortable in the water and kept pestering me to bring him down to the pool after. I appreciate the effort put in by the coach and the school to update the parents after class as well.

Hui.T Ng

My 2 girls look forward to their weekly swim lessons a lot - I think that in itself is a great testament to the coaches ability to engage the kids. As a parent, I like the convenience of having lessons at my condo's pool. Fees for group classes is also affordable.

Lynette Soh

The location is super convenient! Admin staff and coach are polite and friendly. Very structured and fun teaching structure from what I observed every lesson. This is also reflected on my girl’s attitude towards the lessons as she is so excited and happy for the classes! No regrets for choosing this swim school 👍 5 stars.

Leona Cheong

Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Lessons In Senja-Cashew

Yes, our swim instructors are flexible and can travel to any swimming pool in Senja-Cashew. They can conduct lessons in your private pool, condominium, or at the location of your choice.

Our swimming lessons in Senja-Cashew are typically scheduled for 45 minutes per session. However, for children below 3 years old, sessions are slightly shorter, spanning 30 minutes to ensure that lessons are age-appropriate and engaging.

Absolutely. We believe in keeping parents well-informed about their child's swimming progress. Our dedicated instructors provide progress reports after several swimming sessions, allowing you to track your child's development and achievements in the water.

Yes, we do. Our group swimming lessons provide an excellent opportunity for learners to engage, interact, and learn together. If you're interested in group lessons, please contact us for more information, and we'll be happy to provide further details.

To ensure an optimal learning experience, we cap the maximum number of students in our group classes at 6. This small class size ensures that every student receives ample attention, personalised instruction, and guidance from our experienced instructors.

All our swim coaches in Senja-Cashew hold NROC certifications, demonstrating their teaching competence and ability to handle potential emergencies. Your safety and the quality of instruction are our top priorities.

Our professional swim coaches value your time. But in the event of unforeseen circumstances causing delays, our instructors will notify you in advance. They will make up for the missed time in subsequent lessons.

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