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Book A Swimming Class In Sengkang (For Kids And Adults)

Interested in picking up swimming or enhancing your existing skills? At SG Condo Swimming, we offer swimming lessons in Sengkang, tailored for both kids and adults.

Our qualified swimming instructors in Sengkang are here to provide guidance and ensure a safe learning environment for every student.

Find A Good Swimming Coach At Sengkang

When it comes to mastering the art of swimming, the right swim coach makes all the difference. At SG Condo Swimming, we introduce the essence of our 'SWIM-nection' approach.

It embodies our dedication to creating a harmonious match between a coach and a student. We're not merely focused on teaching swimming; we ensure that every student, be it a child or an adult, is paired with a swimming instructor in Sengkang who truly resonates with their needs, enhancing not just their skills but also their overall learning experience.

Types Of Swimming Lessons We Offer In Sengkang

Swimming Lessons For Kids In Sengkang

Children are naturally curious and often love water. Capitalise on this enthusiasm by enrolling them in our swimming lessons for kids. Our programme is designed to be both fun and educational, ensuring that your little ones build a strong foundation in swimming while enjoying every splash.

Swimming Lessons For Adults In Sengkang

Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your techniques, our swimming lessons for adults in Sengkang are crafted to meet diverse needs. From basics to advanced strokes, our instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Swimming Lessons For Ladies In Sengkang

Understanding our female students' unique preferences and requirements, we offer swimming lessons conducted by female swimming instructors in Sengkang. These sessions provide a comfortable environment, ensuring that every participant can focus solely on mastering each swimming technique.

Swimming Lesson Venues In Sengkang

Sengkang Swimming Complex

Our swimming instructors can conduct classes at the Sengkang Swimming Complex for those who enjoy learning in an environment filled with energy and liveliness. Known for its top-notch and family-friendly swimming facilities, it offers an enriching environment suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Sengkang Swimming Complex Address:

57 Anchorvale Road

Singapore 544964

Operating Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays – 6.30am to 9.45pm


+65 6315 3574 (Call)

Private Swimming Pools And Condos

For those who seek a more private setting, we're pleased to offer condo and private swimming lessons in Sengkang. Sessions can be more concentrated and tailored to your needs without the usual crowd.

One significant advantage of our private sessions is their inherent flexibility. Schedule a swimming lesson in Sengkang at a time that suits you best. Whether it's the early morning calm or the gentle embrace of the evening, our experienced and certified instructors are ready to conduct classes, ensuring your learning journey remains seamless and personalised.

Swimming Lesson Rates In Sengkang


Class Size

Price Per Student

Cost Per Lesson

No. Of Lessons

Duration Per Session

1 to 1



4 Lessons

45 mins (30 mins for < 3 years old)

1 to 2



1 to 3



Group of 4 to 6




Interactive, Fun & Safe Swim Classes

Safety, alongside enjoyment, sits at the forefront of our teaching approach, ensuring our swimming lessons are not only instructional but also packed with fun and interactive elements. Our classes are designed to incorporate various water games and activities that not only engage the students but also enhance their learning experience. Incorporating these fun elements allows students to feel at ease and enjoy their time in the water, all while developing essential swimming skills. Every session is delivered with clear, step-by-step instructions, guaranteeing that students can immerse themselves in the joy of swimming while also feeling safe and secure.

Personalised Lesson Plan

At SG Condo, we recognize that every swimmer is unique, possessing their own pace and learning style. To cater to this individuality, our private swimming lesson in Singapore includes a comprehensive assessment conducted by your coach. This assessment is crucial in understanding your current swimming abilities, goals, and any specific challenges you may face. Based on this evaluation, your coach will then craft a personalised lesson plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you progress at your own pace and achieve your swimming goals efficiently. This customised approach ensures that every swimmer receives the attention and guidance necessary to thrive in their swimming journey.

Why Choose SG Condo Swimming Lessons In Sengkang

Learn From NROC Certified Swimming Instructors In Sengkang

Every one of our swimming instructors in Sengkang is certified, either with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) or a globally recognised swimming instructor certification.

Our team is not only certified but also passionate about teaching swimming. Above all, our team prioritises safety, ensuring every student learns in a secure environment, giving peace of mind to both the learner and their families.

Hear From Our Students

Our girl has been learning with Coach Alvin, followed by Coach Clarissa for awhile now. They are really patient, passionate and professional when it comes to teaching the kids. Coach Alvin is firm with the kids yet also knows how to make the lessons enjoyable for them. Coach Clarissa also gives regular updates regarding my girl’s progress and in what way she can further improve. I am very glad to have enrolled my girl with a reliable and trustable swim school. Thanks!

Joanne Ng

My son has been learning with them for about a year at our condo pool. Coach Nigel is very patient and good with kids. Initially, my boy was really afraid of water and hesitant to go in. However, after the 1st lesson, he was so comfortable in the water and kept pestering me to bring him down to the pool after. I appreciate the effort put in by the coach and the school to update the parents after class as well.

Hui.T Ng

My 2 girls look forward to their weekly swim lessons a lot - I think that in itself is a great testament to the coaches ability to engage the kids. As a parent, I like the convenience of having lessons at my condo's pool. Fees for group classes is also affordable.

Lynette Soh

The location is super convenient! Admin staff and coach are polite and friendly. Very structured and fun teaching structure from what I observed every lesson. This is also reflected on my girl’s attitude towards the lessons as she is so excited and happy for the classes! No regrets for choosing this swim school 👍 5 stars.

Leona Cheong
Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Lessons In Hougang

Yes, our instructors are flexible and can teach at various swimming pools within Sengkang, whether public, like the Sengkang Swimming Complex or private pools within condos.

A standard swimming lesson in Sengkang typically lasts for 45 minutes per session and 30 minutes per session for children below 3 years old. 

Yes, we offer both individual and group swimming lessons in Sengkang. Group sessions are a great way for learners to interact and learn collaboratively. 

To ensure effective learning and safety, we maintain a small class size. The maximum number of students in a class is typically six.

Definitely! Every swim coach at SG Condo Swimming is certified and has undergone careful training to ensure they provide the best instruction.

We value punctuality. In the rare instance that an instructor is late, they will ensure that the lesson's duration is completed or appropriate adjustments are made. Your learning time is important to us.

Our swim instructors are proficient in teaching all major swimming strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Depending on the students' swimming skills, we can tailor the lessons to focus on specific strokes or techniques as required.

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