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Baby swimming lessons (6 months to 36 months)

Your little one will progress, develop, and learn water acquaintance, free floating, breath control, water submersion, hand padding and legs kicking to achieve water comfort.

As every child learns differently, we work along cultivating a positive attitude to nurture each child towards a positive character in the future with a proven structure and a step-by-step learning syllabus, it gives us a personalized approach to cater towards every child’s learning ability and progression.

Kids have an ample amount of energy, why not put this energy to good use by equipping them with the valuable skill of water survival? We offer extensive swimming programmes from “Learn to Swim” for beginners to distance swimming for advanced swimmers.

It is never too late to start learning to swim!

We cater swimming lessons to your comfort level in the water and guidance towards your set objective. Not only is Swimming a life skill, it is also a healthy sport which you can continue for a lifetime.

Lastly, you will now be more confident to explore into other aquatic sports such as scuba diving or perhaps venturing into a professional career as a Swim Teacher or a Lifeguard!

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