Looking For Swimming Lessons For Children In Singapore?

Put the boundless amount of energy that your kids naturally possess to good use by signing them up for a private swimming lesson for kids! Equip them with valuable life skills, including water safety and water survival in any aquatic setting.

Maximum Safety For Children Ensured
With SG Condo Swimming Lessons’ Safety System

Safety in the water is our topmost priority. Each of our swim coaches undergoes a thorough verification process to ensure they're equipped to deliver safe swim lessons. In addition, we conduct regular safety drills and have clear safety guidelines in place to prepare both coaches and students for any emergency situation.

We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where children can thrive in their swimming journey. These measures include strict adherence to safety rules, such as no running on the pool deck and listening attentively to the coach's instructions.

We also encourage parental involvement, welcoming parents to observe lessons and providing them with essential water safety tips to practise at home. Trust in our commitment to maintaining a comfortable and safe environment so your kids enjoy their swimming journey with us.

Private Swimming Lessons For Kids Singapore

Private Swimming Lessons For Kids In Singapore

As with most activities, it is good to start learning how to swim at an early age. Young children are still developing their cognitive and motor skills, which helps them to grasp concepts and skills quickly.

By attending our private swimming lessons for kids, your child will learn a vital life skill. They will learn how to swim correctly, boost their water confidence, and reduce their risk of drowning.

Our swimming classes for kids also strongly emphasise character development and encouraging good sportsmanship.

With SG Condo Swimming Lessons matching services, your child can socialise and engage with their peers as they seek to learn in a smaller group setting with qualified swimming instructors

Children also find swimming an enjoyable activity that they look forward to attending. This means your children will be less resistant to attending their swimming lessons!

What are you waiting for? Enrol your kids in our swimming lessons today!

Age Group: 6 - 12 years

Duration: 45 mins

Why Book Swimming Lessons For Your Kids?

Instilling Core Values

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, it is never too early to start building a solid foundation in swimming!

Water survival is a practical skill that not many possess – let's put the energy that kids acquire to good use by teaching them the fundamentals! A broad array of swimming programmes awaits at SG Condo Swimming Lessons, ranging from 'Learn to Swim' for novice swimmers to distance swimming for the advanced.

With our private swimming lessons for kids conducted under the professional guidance of our certified swim teachers, rest assured your child is in good hands with us. Our curriculum focuses on establishing the fundamentals and core values that build a solid foundation.

Simultaneously, our friendly and experienced swim coaches aim to increase your child's comfort level in the water and help them gradually master the recognised swim strokes and other swimming techniques.

Swimming Classes For Kids Singapore

Why Choose Us When Picking The Best Swimming Lessons For Kids/Children In Singapore?

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we are committed to helping students find the perfect swim-nection. The right swim coach can unlock your potential, and with that in mind, we go the extra mile to pair you with a certified swim coach who understands your unique needs.

Beyond just skills, we're committed to creating memorable experiences for all our students. Whether you prefer the exclusivity of private classes or group swimming classes in condominium settings, we can offer a personalised learning experience for you.

Convenience of Your Home

We will find you a suitable private coach for swimming classes, whether for kids or adults, at your condominium or private swimming pool.

Interactive & Fun

Our structured swimming lessons for children in Singapore, led by dedicated swim teachers, through a fun & interactive learning method featuring a step-by-step guidance.

Certified Swimming Instructors

Our swim instructors are certified & registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) or with a recognised international swimming instructor certification.

Personalised Lesson Plan

Determine your child's progression through assessment and evaluation by your coach on the first private children's swimming classes in Singapore.

Individual & Group Options

Depending on your needs, we provide one-to-one or group swimming lessons for kids in a private setting. We also provide SwimSafer assessment for the child.

SwimSafer is a national programme dedicated to enhancing water safety and promoting the importance of safe swimming practices among the youth in Singapore. This comprehensive 6-stage course is tailored specifically for children under the age of 16, with a curriculum that progresses from basic water skills to advanced swimming techniques.

Our course is designed to improve the swimming proficiency of children, equipping them not only with the ability to swim but also instilling in them a keen sense of water safety.

Recognised by schools and educational institutions across Singapore, the SwimSafer qualification also extends its relevance to other aquatic activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba diving, ensuring our young swimmers are well-prepared for a variety of water-based activities.

Partner With Dedicated Coaches Who Stay By Your Children’s Side Until Every Stroke Is Perfected

Swimming is all about getting the basics right; we're here to ensure you do. With our dedicated and professional coaches, every lesson becomes a blend of expert guidance and unwavering support.

Their commitment to our students’ progress means they'll take the time to help your kids nail different swimming strokes, no matter how long it takes. This individualised attention ensures that your children build a strong foundation from the start and gain water confidence quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Lessons For Kids/Children In Singapore

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we offer various options for private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore and provide a range of instructor-to-student ratios, including one-to-one, one-to-two, and one-to-three, as well as group lessons for four to six kids. For more details, check out our rates here.

These varying options allow us to meet each child's unique learning needs and give them the individualised attention they need. With options to fit your preferences, we ensure your child does their best, whether in an individual setting or if they favour the social interaction of a small group.

The frequency of children's swimming lessons may vary depending on the swim school or instructor. Typically, children attend swimming lessons once or twice a week.

However, regular practice outside of swimming lessons is crucial for reinforcing skills and building upon previous learning.

For more information on class availability and schedules, or to learn more about the precise frequency of our private swimming lessons for children, feel free to contact us

Our private swimming lessons for kids are held at the convenience of your home. We value the importance of convenience and comfort when learning to swim; hence, we will arrange for a suitable swim teacher to provide classes at your condominium or any private swimming pool. This ensures a more enjoyable learning experience as you can learn to swim in a familiar and comfortable environment!

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