Learning to swim can improve overall fitness, self-confidence, and reduce the risk of drowning. Choose us to find a qualified instructor who can create a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Teenager Swimming
Teenager Swimming Lessons Singapore
Swimming Lessons For Teenagers in Singapore

The goal of our swimming lessons for teenagers in Singapore is to develop their swimming skills and stay safe in the water. These lessons are taught by our certified instructors who are trained in teaching swimming to teenagers.

For teenage boys, swimming is an also an important skill for all soldiers in the Singapore Army, as it is a fundamental survival skill that is required for many military training and operations. In Singapore, all soldiers must pass a swimming test as part of their Basic Military Training. If you are worried about your swimming capabilities, let us help you! Learn to swim today!

Age Group: 13 to 20 years old

Duration: 45 mins

Why choose us when picking reliable swimming lessons for adults in Singapore?

Convenience of Your Home

We will find you a suitable private coach for swimming classes, whether for kids or adults, at your condominium or private swimming pool.

& Fun

Our structured private swimming lessons for adults, led by dedicated swim teachers, are interactive and feature step-by-step guidance.

Certified Swimming Instructors

Our swim instructors are certified & registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) or with a recognised international swimming instructor certification.

Personalised Lesson Plan

Determine your progression through assessment and evaluation by your coach on the first private adult swimming classes in Singapore.

Individual & Group Options

Depending on your needs, we provide a one-to-one or group adult swimming lessons for beginners and intermediates in a private setting.

Learn how to swim today!
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