The sooner your child is taught to swim, the faster they become more at ease in the water and learn how to remain safe in any aquatic setting. Sign up for our toddler swimming lessons today!

Swimming Classes For Toddlers Singapore
Private Swimming Lessons For Toddlers


Start your child young with our private swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore! Our swimming classes help toddlers overcome their fear of water by improving their water confidence and safety. We aim to build your toddler's foundational skills and help them learn to swim short distances. We can prevent drowning incidents by learning the fundamentals of swimming and knowing how to stay safe in an aquatic environment.

Water familiarisation, self-exploration, and breath-holding skills are essential to master at a young age, especially for toddlers exploring the aquatic world. These capabilities taught in swimming classes for toddlers ensure safety when children accidentally fall into the deep end of the pool – knowing how to stay calm and apply survival skills like turning to grab the wall or floating on the back will ultimately save their life.

Private swimming lessons for toddlers benefit your child's physical and mental health and ensure their safety. Your toddler will stand to gain much from swimming as a mean of exploration and interaction with their environment.

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Age Group: 4 - 5 years

Duration: 45 mins


At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, toddlers will acquire basic swimming skills in a fun and inspiring environment!

We seek to adopt a personalised approach to cater to each toddler's progression and learning ability through a step-by-step learning syllabus and a tried-and-true structure. Since each toddler learns in their own unique ways, our private swimming coaches work towards cultivating a positive learning attitude to nurture every toddler who learns how to swim with our passionate swim teachers.

The success of every toddler's swimming journey depends on their ability to learn through games. Our amiable and certified coaches ensure that each toddler acquires swimming fundamentals and water safety throughout our swimming classes for toddlers, which are packed with fun activities.

Conducted under the professional guidance of our experienced swim teachers, rest assured your toddler is in good hands with us.

Private Swimming Lessons For Toddlers In Singapore

Why choose us when picking the best swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore?

Convenience of Your Home

We will find you a suitable private coach for swimming classes, whether for kids or adults, at your condominium or private swimming pool.

Interactive & Fun

Our structured swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore, led by dedicated swim teachers, are fun and feature step-by-step guidance.

Certified Swimming Instructors

Our swim instructors are certified & registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) or with a recognised international swimming instructor certification.

Lesson Plan

Determine your child's progression through assessment and evaluation by your coach on the first private toddler swimming classes in Singapore.

Individual &
Group Options

Depending on your needs, we provide a one-to-one or group classes in a private setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of advantages that come with swimming lessons for toddlers, including:

  • Water safety awareness
  • The strengthening of muscles.
  • Improved motor skills development.


In addition, swimming offers a fun and engaging means for toddlers to participate in physical activity that helps promote their overall well-being.

To prepare your child for swimming classes for toddlers in Singapore, you can start by acquainting them with water in a controlled setting like a bathtub or a small pool designed for toddlers. Gradually introduce water play activities, such as pouring small volume of water over their bodies & head, and encourage them to practise kicking their legs. This gradual exposure helps them become more familiar with being in the water, laying a foundation of comfort before formal swimming lessons commence.

To cater to your specific requirements, our private swimming lessons for toddlers offer a range of class options in a private environment. Besides one-on-one sessions, we provide one-to-two and one-to-three classes. In addition, we provide small group classes for toddlers consisting of four to six individuals.

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