Swimming / 19 April, 2023
The Benefits Of One-On-One Vs Group Swim Lessons For Kids
The Benefits Of One-On-One Vs Group Swim Lessons For Kids
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The life skill of swimming will come in handy as we get older, whether for fun, a career, or to help others. That is why most parents now opt to teach their children how to swim from a young age by sending them to swimming lessons for children in Singapore. And with swimming lessons of today offering private classes at the convenience of one’s condominiums, it is not surprising that lessons are in-demand. In fact, even here at SG Condo Swimming Lessons, we provide such services, where a condo swimming coach will conduct fun and interactive lessons for kids and adults alike!

That said, there are two primary options when choosing the appropriate swim lessons for your child: one-on-one or group. Both choices come with their own set of advantages, and deciding on the ideal option depends on your child’s personality and needs. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of each approach, so you can make an informed decision and set your little one up for swimming success.


One-on-one: Individualised attention for quicker progress


1. Independent learners

A one-on-one sparks a conversation between a teacher and the student. It allows the student the freedom to explore on their own and seek clarification when needed. These private interactions with the teacher build trust and rapport and, in turn, boosts their confidence in the water. As their skills improve, so too will their self-esteem and enjoyment of swimming.


2. Flexible schedule

One-on-one swim classes offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling. Instead of being constrained to the set schedule of group sessions, you can arrange lessons at times that are most convenient for your family. This is particularly beneficial for busy families with multiple obligations.


3. Customised learning

Private swim classes offer the flexibility to tailor instruction to your child’s needs. The instructors can evaluate your child’s weaknesses, strengths, and skills, who can then design a lesson plan that explicitly targets their growth areas. This personalised approach makes sure that your child gets the undivided attention they require to advance fast and efficiently.

Since these lessons are tailored to your child’s unique abilities, they typically progress more quickly than they would in a group setting. With the coach’s complete focus, your child can receive prompt feedback and corrections, which will help them learn and refine their techniques and swimming skills more rapidly.


Group: Peer learning and social interaction


1. Peer learning

Children, when in a group setting, can gain knowledge by observing the accomplishments and challenges of their peers. Watching others can help your child gain a better understanding of the skills being taught, inspiring them to push themselves further to keep up with their peers. While indeed a friendly competition, it may still act as a powerful motivator that drives your child to excel in their swimming sessions.

Moreover, it can be too much pressure and attention for some children to be alone with a teacher. As such, opting for a group setting may make it easier for them to grow.


2. Social interaction

Group swim lessons make for an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their social skills and meet new friends. As your child engages in peer interaction that encourages teamwork and camaraderie, they’ll build valuable social connections along the way. For many kids, this opportunity to play and learn with others is a big motivator to take swim lessons!


Finding the right fit

Children learn and understand at different paces and levels. And as swimming is a relatively technical skill, it involves precise attention. It’s essential to take your little one’s learning style, personality, and needs into account when deciding between the two options. Some children may thrive in the focused environment of one-on-one lessons, while others might do better in group classes. What matters most is that your child learns the importance of learning how to swim to be safe in the water and avoid incidents like drowning.

No matter which choice you decide to go for, it’s important to remain supportive of your child throughout their aquatic journey. At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, our certified coaches are ready to equip your child with the proper techniques to swim efficiently and effectively as they stay on top of water safety. Join us today to get started!

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