Swimming / 27 April, 2023
Tips For Finding The Right Swim Instructor For Your Child
Tips For Finding The Right Swim Instructor For Your Child
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Swimming is an important life skill everyone needs to learn; the sooner, the better. Suppose your little one already loves playing around in the kid’s pool at your condominium. In that case, it’ll be easier to get them interested in taking swimming lessons for children in Singapore, where their playtime gets much better with the addition of a rewarding experience. But just like their schooling, you’ll naturally want to choose the best instructor to teach them all they need to know about swimming. To ensure you make the right choice, here are a few key tips for choosing a swim teacher you can trust.


1. Determine their experience in teaching kids

There are many things that make a swimming instructor qualified to teach children how to swim, namely the ability to build trust with kids, a deep understanding of how they learn to swim, patience, and overall experience.

It’s important to first build trust between a child and their swimming instructor to make any progress. This trust is necessary as swimming lessons put your little one out of their comfort zone. If they are uncertain about going to the deeper end of the pool or have trouble overcoming their common fears and anxiety regarding swimming, the right teacher can make them feel safe and confident about learning to swim.

Next, good swimming instructors know that verbal instruction isn’t the best way to get children to learn how to swim but rather proper muscle memory. This means their lessons should ideally be structured to be short yet frequent, as it allows kids to remain focused the entire time without becoming mentally or physically taxed.

Lastly, a swimming teacher’s overall experience in helping kids become great swimmers will typically reflect all the points mentioned above. Thus, check their reviews and see what other parents say about their experience working with a particular school and instructor.


2. Learn about their approach to teaching

You’ll want to hire a swimming instructor with a patient and positive attitude that complements their understanding of the best way to teach children how to swim. Patience is key to overcoming tantrums and motivating your little ones to improve their swimming, aided by positive reinforcement that keeps them vested in making progress until they succeed.


3. Verify their certifications

Since you’ll entrust your child to the swimming instructor, they must be certified in various life-saving techniques like CPR/AED and first-aid. Moreover, ask if they have a recognised international swimming instructor certification or are accredited and registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) for that added confidence in their Singapore private swimming lessons. All these things make a difference in the safety of your child’s swimming sessions.



Despite making sure of the swimming instructor you picked for your child, attending the lessons as often as possible (or at least for the first few lessons) is still recommended to see the interaction between your child and the instructor. If they refuse to let you watch during their sessions, it is best to look for other options since a good teacher will always encourage you to stay and watch.

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