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What Should You Bring To Your First Adult Swimming Class?
What Should You Bring To Your First Adult Swimming Class?
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One of the best ways to learn swimming is to sign up for a swimming class – even if you are an adult, it is never too late to learn swimming! Whether you’re booked in for group swimming lessons or private swimming lessons for adult beginners, it is vital to come to class prepared, especially if it is your first session. After all, being prepared is key to making your swimming class seamless and hassle-free.

If you are about to attend your first adult swimming lesson but are unsure what to pack in your pool bag, you are on the right page! In this article, we talk about the essential things you should bring to your first adult swimming class as well as the optional items that are good to have.


The essentials to bring


1. Appropriate swimwear

Wearing appropriate swimwear is important as it enables your body to move freely and does not hinder your buoyancy nor create an increased risk to your safety as you swim. Appropriate swimwear could be anything from a full swimsuit to swimming trunks. If you plan to wear swimsuits, bikinis, or shorts, ensure they are appropriately tied or tight-fitting to prevent them from falling off when you move through the water at full speed.


2. Swimming goggles

Most swimming coaches recommend that their students – children and adults – wear swimming goggles. The primary purpose of wearing goggles is to protect your eyes from irritation caused by ocean saltwater or chlorinated water. Moreover, swimming goggles can help you see better underwater. A basic pair of swimming goggles can be bought from any sporting store for as low as S$10.


3. Towel

Bringing a towel to your first private swimming lesson is another important thing you should not forget; it will help you dry off and stay warm between and after your swim laps. Staying warm is necessary for keeping your muscles loose and warm. Furthermore, if you’re a little self-conscious about walking around in your swimwear, a towelling robe is an excellent option to stay warm and cover yourself up.


Optional items to consider


1. Swim cap

Some swimming pools would require you to wear a swim cap. However, this isn’t the only reason a swim cap may be helpful during your first swimming class session. When you swim, your hair (especially when it’s long) can easily get in your face or become tangled on your goggle straps. By wearing a swim cap, your goggles will have an easy surface to stick to, and your hair won’t move around. In addition, wearing a swim cap reduces chlorine exposure to your hair.


2. Flip-flops

Swimming flip-flops are both a hygienic and helpful addition to your swimming class essentials. Unlike ordinary slippers or shoes, swimming flip-flops can provide you with a firm grip along the slippery sides of the pool and are very useful if you do not wish to go barefoot in the shower or changing room. Pool decks and changing rooms are usually damp, slippery, and full of dirt – a pair of flip-flops keep your feet from coming into contact with any of that.


3. Toiletries

The chemicals used in cleaning swimming pools, like chlorine, can sometimes leave your skin and hair feeling dry and irritated. For this reason, it is highly advised to bring a set of toiletries that you can use for your post-swim shower. The essential products that shouldn’t go missing in your swimming toiletries are soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It is also best to bring a lotion, moisturiser, and hair serum to help restore your hair and skin after every swim.



There are several things you need to bring to your group or condo swimming lessons in Singapore to help you learn how to swim more quickly and keep you comfortable throughout your swimming class session. Preparing these things beforehand is important so you won’t forget them. Ultimately, adequate preparation is key to making your first swimming lesson a cosy, wholesome, and successful learning experience.

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